About Us

About Us


Aymak Makine Ltd. operates in the sector of machinery production for cable industry. We are one of the biggest cable machinery producer in TURKEY. Our extensive knowledge gained in the sector over 30 years, the company improves it further by current technology and expert staff every day. Basing on an understanding of Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction, our company is certificated by the certificate of quality to the standard ISO EN 9001:2008.

With strict control over all machines and lines it has produced from the very establishment of the company throughout all phases from design to operation, our company constantly enhance and improve customer satisfaction with respect to timely delivery and service, making the trademark IMACH® a shining star.

Managing and producing completely in its own body from offer to delivery, our company aims at meeting expectations of its customers, employees, shareholders and society, safeguarding the environment in which it operates, ensuring use of the natural resources efficiently, keeping it as its principle to improve constantly, enhancing total quality level through training with consistent quality targets, following up all technological developments to increase its competitive power under the hanging market condition be become a preferred company in the sector.

We are committed to make you satisfied.


Years of experience

Quality Policy

Aymak Makine Ltd. which has identified its quality with the principle of customer satisfaction with its experiences since its establishment, will continue to progress confidently towards becoming a wanted brand by following the technological developments closely and expanding its domestic and foreign trade capacity.

We are committed to continuous improvement by recognizing that the main factor is the appropriate human investment with the value we give to our personnel, ensuring the participation and satisfaction of all employees with continuous training and complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

With production of our top quality machines, we will never leave the line of being an exemplary organization that always prioritizes the customer's appreciation above all without compromising its quality.